2017 Tax Changes


At the time of this writing there have been 2 different  new tax law bills introduced in the congress. At this time no  new law has been passed. 

The proposed changes would not impact the 2017 tax year. We will continue to follow the situation and update our clients when any new tax law is passed.


For 2017 it will be required for you to provide a drivers license or other state issued picture ID to        e-file any federal or state return. Both spouses must provide an ID for a Married Filing Joint return. If you do not have a form of state issued picture ID you must certify that fact to your preparer.


The Affordable Care Act is still in effect for 2017. The law still requires that all nonexempt individuals must have qualified health insurance or be subject to the Shared Responsibility Payment. If you purchased insurance from the marketplace in 2017 you will receive a Form 1095 A. If you received an Advanced Premium Tax Credit that is also on Form 1095A. That form is required to complete your return. If you are covered by insurance not purchased through the

Marketplace you will receive a Form 1095B or Form 1095C. The penalty for not obtaining qualified coverage will be calculated on the 2017 return. Your preparer can help determine if any exemption to the coverage requirement applies to your situation. The IRS has stated that for this tax year they will not process any returns that do not include an answer to the question on health insurance coverage.


There is a new due date to file W-2 forms with the  IRS and Social Security Administration. The information must be filed By January 31. This applies to paper and electronic filing. The W-2 still has to be furnished to the employee by January 31. 

Form 1099 forms that have non-employee compensation must also now be filed with the IRS by January 31. This change applies to information returns for 2017 filed in 2018. If we are filing your 1099’s and W2’s we will need your information by January 25th. 

The Due date for Partnership Tax Returns is now March 15th. The same date for “S” Corporations. The due date for “C” Corporations is April 15th.


The IRS will not give a refund or credit for tax returns that have claimed the Earned Income Credit

And or the Additional child tax credit before February 15th.


The standard deduction for 2017 for a married couple filing a joint return is at $12,700; Single, $6,350; Head of Household, $9,350

The personal exemption for 2017 is $4,050.

The reimbursement for Business mileage for 2017 is 53.5 cents. Medical mileage is 17 cents for 2017.  The mileage rate for charity is still 14 cents for 2017.  

The meal rate for truck drivers is $63 a day for 2017. Per diem rates may have changed depending on the area in which you have traveled. For Pa tax purposes, per diem is not allowed, the actual receipts expenses are needed.