Top Ten Reasons TaxProSites.com will work for You!

1. Professionally designed layout that speaks volumes about your professional status.

2. Email addresses that you own and reflect your business (i.e., Yourname@YourBiz.com) and no matter how many times you change internet service providers, you never, ever have to change your email again!

3. Your business information presented to potential and existing clients. Maps, telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses are always available. 

4. High quality up-to-date tax information provided by knowledgeable seminar presenters. This  team has over 160 years of practical experience in the field of income tax and in excess of 70 years experience teaching taxes to tax professionals. The information is accurate, concise and always current.

5. "Ask the Tax Professional"  form that allows clients to contact you easily with special questions and requests. Save telephone time and interruptions when your clients know that this form will go directly to you and be answered professionally. 

6. The ability to refer clients to your web site to answer frequently asked and time consuming questions about record retention, tax deadlines, audits,  etc. PDF's of popular tax forms are also provided. These questions never go away, but now you can handle them with minimum time consumption.

7. Help your clients to lookup the status of their tax return online by sending them to your site.  The link is provided.

8. Monthly newsletters links in full html format mailed directly to your personalized customer list. since indifference is the #1 reason that your clients go elsewhere, you can keep in touch with your clients and show you care with the most inexpensive advertising anywhere - EMAIL. And with our sophisticated mail servers, your clients can subscribe and unsubscribe automatically, eliminating time consuming typing and retyping for you and your staff.

9. Features and articles that your clients need and want. Amortization and business calculators, college planning calculators, and many more. Helpful hints on how to SAVE MONEY on taxes. This is the kind of information that will place you far ahead of your competition.

10. Optional services that can really enhance your business such as:

a. The ability to have clients  transfer large and small files to you without worrying about email restrictions. This feature alone can save you a great deal of time and money.

b. Payroll Services. We have several solutions to allow you to increase your ability to offer payroll services to your business customers. Whether you want the payroll data securely transferred to you to be handled in house, or you are ready for an turnkey automated solution, we can show you how to make more money.

Features included with your sign-up.

  • Fully designed website.

  • 10 Company email addresses

  • Tax Articles and Forms

  • Business Calculators

  • Monthly Newsletters

Extra features:

  • File Transfer Service

  • Additional email addresses

  • Additional/Custom site material and pages.

Grow your company with peace of mind.

Your clients will be able to contact you no matter what changes your firm may undertake.  With a TaxProSites.com website, your e-mail address will never change no matter what changes you make to your internet service provider.

Instantly after your site is set-up, your clients will have access to some of the best Premium Content on the web.


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